Find the Right Hydraulic Power Unit for Your Needs

Find the Right Hydraulic Power Unit for Your Needs

Call us when you need hydraulic power units

When you need a hydraulic power unit, look to the experts at MJ Hydrostatics Inc. We are located in Owatonna, MN, but we ship industrial power units across the United States and overseas.

We provide hydraulic power units for:

  • Cell tower construction
  • Self-rising concrete projects
  • Hard-to-access construction jobs


If you need hydraulic power units for your construction project, you can count on our crew. Contact us today to speak with a highly-trained hydraulic technician.




Keep your construction project on track

At MJ Hydrostatics, we know the importance of reliable hydraulic power units. We provide top-of-the-line hydraulic power units to businesses across Minnesota, the USA, and overseas. Ensure the success of your project with durable equipment from our team.

No matter where you're working in the nation or overseas, our industrial power units can help you get the job done. Call 507-451-2010 today to order power units for your project.