MJ Hydrostatics started as a Hydraulic/ Hydrostatics repair/ Remanufacturing company in February 2002 doing Ready Mix & construction hydro's after cold calling and sending out thousands of brochures. That proved to be very successful. Our expertise was the Eaton brand, but got our hands dirty in anything that came in the door.

We started out with a 100hp diesel hydraulic test stand and one tear down/ build bench in an old industrial school building. We have proved our worth by being honest & having integrity while continually improving our capabilities. Currently we have 2 test stands, one is 150hp electric test stand and the other is a 550hp diesel test stand with data acquisition, that is capable of testing Linde's largest unit they have. We have multiple tear down benches & assembly benches that are in separate rooms to keep the dirt out of the clean. We also have a couple lapping machines, overhead cranes and more.

Starting out with a few local customers we have expanded nationwide, Canada & Australia with service repair and sales.

MJ Hydrostatics, Inc. has many years of experience with:

  • We have 35 years of hydraulic experience and 14 years in a research and development lab
  • Hydrostatic pump & motor remanufacturing- 21 years
  • Hydrostatic pump & motor conversions- 13 years
  • Hydrostatic circuit design- 15 years
  • Hydraulic circuit design- 151 years

Combined experience, we have 50 years of proven track record

1) We have worked with nearly all of the manufacturers' units over the years, both open loop & closed loop. We are very familiar with the intricate details on them, including the operation, common failures, repair and rebuild details and testing.

2) MJ Hydrostatics, Inc. is experienced with working with equipment manufacturers engineering, service, and purchasing.

3) We will show you cradle to grave service on the Linde units we service for you. We go beyond the extra mile to make sure you are happy.

  • We are trained by Linde Hydraulics in their full line
  • We purchased all the correct tooling needed to do a job correctly
  • We have plenty of sufficient testing equipment, that includes a 550 hsp diesel test stand WITH DATA AQUISITION .
  • Lastly, but not least we have the resources and EXPERIENCED people.

4) MJ Hydro, being a smaller company, allows for much quicker service over a large company. We get things done for you!

5) We are excited about Linde's lead time compared to their competitor.

6) We have direct access to Linde Hydraulics North America.

Lastly and most importantly, MJ Hydrostatics built their business on being honest, hard work and integrity.